Why whole foods for dogs?

Would you like to eat the same, long life food every day? No - well your furry friend doesn't either. Dogs (like people) benefit from nutritional variety and ingredient quality. 

FURRY GOURMET complimentary, unpreserved, wheat-free, human-grade whole foods can provide increased nutritional variety to your dog's diet. 


Our foods are mostly cooked, which can be great for dogs, especially those with specific sensitivities. Cooking some vegetables, grains and seeds can provide for easier digestion.

Many of our EVERYDAY customers have very real reasons to provide their dog with a specially prepared diet. Sometimes the vet has recommended a specific, cooked diet. Sometimes the owner has tried a plethora of different brands before coming to us and finding it really suits their pup.

Regular raw consumers can have FURRY GOURMET as an alternative or occasional treat.

Even when it's a treat it's not a 'treat.

Some of our foods are made to look fun, but they are seriously nutritious! When your dog eats FURRY GOURMET, even if only as a treat, they are not getting 'junk food', but the highest quality meats, vegetables, fruits, grains and seeds we know to be safe and nutritious for your furry friend.

Our ranges

  • Alternate our EVERYDAY with dry food and raw meats. Work your way through every flavor for maximum variety
  • EVERYDAY TURKEY, TURMERIC AND CHIA (<1% fat) is particularly good for dogs intolerant of high fat diets.
  • We don't add oil, so add a little fish, peanut or coconut oil if you prefer.
  • Occasional fresh fruits** and a spoon of natural yoghurt* are also great. 
    • Very fancy and created from our lushest ingredients with great attention to detail, when only the best will do.
    •   Occasional, fun, healthy treats.
      **check fruits are safe for dogs - a few can be toxic  
      *unless lactose intolerant