Furry's tasting team

If they don't love it we don't make it!
Every product gets their bark of approval. 

 Bonnie is a beautiful Schnauzer who loves playing with her bottle & resting on her sofa.

 Favourite food: Peanut honey bagel and Carrotnut cookies

 Worst habit:      She's perfect! 

 Secret skill:       Dancing


 Prince is a regal black and tan German Shepard with a very discerning taste in food. 

 Favourite food: Yoberry slice

 Worst habit:      Sitting on the couch when he thinks his humans are asleep

 Secret skill:       Interior Design (he bites off flowers to decorate his dog house)


Franco and Marcello. Lock up your ladies! These two gorgeous gents are certifiably adorable. 

Favourite food:  Cheesy mints

Worst habit:       Barking at animals on TV. 'They are in our living room - why wouldn't we!' says Franco.

Secret skill:        Marcello is working towards a world record for consecutive commando rolls when he's excited. Franco is suburban champion high jumper in his age and height category.


 Sox and Ace are hardworking and down to earth, these guys know real, good, honest food when they taste it!

 Favourite food: Beefcakes 

 Worst habit:      Uncontrollable Licking 

 Secret skill:       Undetectable surveillance