Made in Australia with love

Our founder, Susan, was 5 years old when her aunt gave her a Sydney Silky Terrier puppy 'Cuddles' that became her best friend.  Cuddles was fed good, honest wholefoods from the family stores, had a happy, healthy life and the family never had expensive vet bills.

After completing Medical Science and post graduate studies in the School of Medicine in human nutrition and public health, Susan renewed her interest in dog nutrition which led to Furry Gourmet. 

It has taken years to research, develop, trial and refine our recipes.

In 2013 Susan's neighbors' dogs had very sensitive tummies so started eating Furry Gourmet EVERYDAY and they still eat it today.

We then sold our signature meat cakes, EVERYDAY meals and a few treats at farmer's markets.

Furry Gourmet's philosophy is to provide nutritional variety from a wide range of human-grade, wholefoods without anything artificial. We do not skimp - we use free-range eggs, organic products where practical and we priortise Australian produce.

We want your best friend to live the longest, healthiest, happiest life they can!