Welcome to Furry Gourmet, it's nice to meet you...

susan de waard

Hello furry friends!

So, I'm guessing that by visiting our blog you must love dogs!

We do too...let's be friends.

We're passionate about two things in life. Dogs and good nutrition.

Our team was formed through a passion for Nutritional Medicine in people and our passion for canine health. Furry Gourmet was a 'light bulb' moment whilst browsing the shelves at the local pet store that I noticed the only options were either cereal based shelf stable food (with added vitamins), preservative-laden canned or long life 'raw' refrigerated foods - nothing preservative-free, wheat free or made from human grade ingredients.

I used to feel guilty sitting down to our delicious, nutritious daily meals and feed my dogs such poor quality food... puppy-dog eyes totally worked... suddenly I found myself cooking two meals every day. I started making foods for my dogs based on what I was preparing for the humans in my life. Pretty soon I was meal prepping of a Sunday and freezing portions for my fur-babies and sharing with some close Dog Mum friends.

That was when I set up a market stall at the Powerhouse Markets, it was a great way to make and deliver orders for my friends - and I quickly made lots of new friends!

Around this time I set up the website you are on right now as a place to take orders for delivery to the markets, and soon after started home delivering all around Brisbane.

The rest is history so they say, we are now stocked in small deli style supermarkets and dog daycare and grooming businesses.

It's all about the food...

Here at Furry Gourmet, we take our food very seriously. You are what you eat, so don't be cut-rate, processed and lacking in nutrients... Be wholesome, substantial and most importantly, appropriate!

Most people have cottoned on to the idea that processed foods are not good for you. So, it makes sense that processed food is not good for your dog either.

A kibble product with added vitamins day-in-day-out is the equivalent to the urban legend of the uni student who lived on two-minute-noodles and a multivitamin for eight months straight and ended up in hospital with kidney and liver failure. It's the reason I became interested in nutrition all those years ago, went on to study medicine and public health.

So, even when it's a treat it's not a 'treat.

Makes sense doesn't it. Some of our foods are made to look fun, like our meat birthday cakes and Beefcakes but they are ALL seriously nutritious! 

When your dog eats Furry Gourmet, even if only as a treat, they are not getting 'junk food', but the highest quality meats, vegetables, fruits, grains and seeds we know to be safe and nutritious for your furry friend.

We like to think of dogs as people too, something we say here at Furry Gourmet on a regular basis.

We have some great plans for competitions, in-store tastings, birthday parties and this year we will be exhibiting at the Brisbane Dog Lovers Show. So sign up to our communications list so you don't miss a thing.


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